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The Name

aut faciam is Latin for “I shall make one.” It is the second half of “aut inveniam viam aut faciam,” which means “I shall find a way, or I shall make one.” It is attributed to Hannibal, as the response he gave when told that it was impossible to bring an entire army, including war elephants, through the Alps to battle the Romans.

This tenacity in the face of what seems impossible is what we practice each day at aut faciam.

The Founder

aut faciam was founded by Alexis Goldstein.

One of the things Alexis is most passionate about is changing the demographics of technology. To this end, she is a co-organizer of Girl Develop IT, a program that conducts low-cost programming classes for women.

Prior to going indie, Alexis spent seven years working in technology on Wall Street. She worked in both the cash equity and equity derivatives spaces. In the former, she was a developer on the realtime cash trading system, Passport. In the latter, she focused on proprietary software for equity option pricing and volatility surface modeling and management. Her experience includes development, requirements gathering, relationship management, user interface design, training, and management of global teams.

Alexis graduated from Columbia University in 2003, with a degree in Computer Science. She graduated from the Holton-Arms School in 1999, whose motto “I will find a way or make one” is aut faciam’s inspiration and namesake.

You can find Alexis at her blog, on Twitter, or on LinkedIn.